Alan Bray’s Studio

What seems like a nice little landscape painting becomes increasingly odd the longer you look at it. [Bray] captures the enigmatic quality of the ordinary and the commonplace. And he’s so sure of himself and what he’s doing, he doesn’t have to show it off.

– Theodore Wolff, Christian Science Monitor critic

Alan Bray is the visual poet laureate of nature reclaiming central Maine even as man attempts to suburbanize it. His vision of Maine is the best and the purest I have seen.

-Edgar Allen Beem. New England Today

The best of the paintings on view are posed exactly in the midpoint between the figurative and the abstract: the regular shapes that look like Plato’s ideas of trees, logs and ponds are organized with the precision of a mathematical proposition, while a few details supplied by the artist’s sharp observation of nature link these shapes to the reality of the tangible world. 

-Tatiana Istomina, 2014